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LED Lighting Era is coming

Posting time:2010-01-01

 Since 2011, LED lighting products price is reducing rapidly and the price margin of LED lighting products and traditional lights is becoming smaller, LED lighting market penetration rate is improving a lot. It is said that LED lighting products average price has reduced 25% when compared to the beginning of the year, light sources price range is from 8 to 18 Yuan which is near to traditional lights price.

     Moreover, many top brands LED products price is approach to traditional lights. For instance, Phillips has released a 5W LED light bulb which only cost 49 Yuan and Toshiba has released a series LED light bulbs to replace traditional 40 W light bulbs with all the price less than 8 dollars, therefore, price margin between LED lights and traditional lights is becoming smaller.  Well-known brands will promote customers’ understanding of LED lighting and speed up the replacement from traditional lights to LED lighting products.

     With cheaper LED lighting price, domestic LED lighting market penetration rate is increasing rapidly.  LED lighting demands is vigorous since the second quarter and will welcome a peak period in the third quarter, it is predicted that LED lighting market will keep an ever-increasing situation in whole 2013 and the penetration rate will up to 15-18%. LED lighting is in the earlier stage of blossom and will complete the penetration from 15% to 60% in the next three years. Huge demands of LED lighting will be released and LED lighting era is coming.