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Why use LED light?

Posting time:2010-07-01

1,Efficient and energy saving

LED light have such advantages as low-voltage driving ,ultra low power,easy installation ,durable and reliable .The light out put power conversion is improved over 98% and saved more energy above 60% to 80% than traditional energy-saving lamps.

2,Environment protecting 
Light rays are to be without ultraviolet,infrared,radiation and harmful element,such as mercury and xenon.Lighting effect is gentle without RF interference,stays cool.LED light is easy recycled and belongs to real environmental protection lighting source.

3,Super life
LED light have such advantages as strong seismic resistance and good dustproof performance,low energy consumption,weak demand of voltage and current,low calories,without potential safety risk and high safety factor.As solid state lighting,LED light is of resin package and the luminous body is not easy to loose.It is impossible for filament to easily burn,thermo-deposition and light failure.The service life is 300-100000 hours,thirty times of normal bulb and equal to lighting for 3 years without discontented.

4,Multiple applications
It has applications in a wide range of fields,including residential lighting,ceiling lamps,office lighting,supermarkets,shops,restaurants and hotels,bars,coffee shop,western dining room,entertainment venues,home night lights,holiday lights,solar lighting and city beauty projects.